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This Is Your Last Look
(Keep The Light On Before You Go To Bed)
21st-Dec-2009 05:39 pm
Willow - Sitting
My facebook status update:

"Amanda Hackworth gets really angry at "preservation of marriage" groups, fansites, etc. Uuuurrrrgh."

The reply of a teacher I had from Middle School - High School:

" i know you dont believe in GOD so of course you would have no respect for his rules. But marriage to GOD is as sacrce as the life of his on son JESUS CHRIST. JESUS willing gave that up for you. He loves you so much that he is willing to stand by and let you make fun of his laws. But I am not him and I do not want that on my page. So goodbye"

My message reply?

"You de-friended me because of opposing political views?
Are you serious?
I thought the people I went to high school were juvenille, but none of them have de-friended me nor insulted me in the way you have over personal/political/religious differences.
It sounds to me like you need to take a look around you and see that not everybody is the same as you. Not everybody thinks like you, not everybody prays like you, not everybody loves like you do.
I respect your religious standpoint, and though I don't agree with it I was friends with you anyway - despite the redundant posting about Jesus's love and the Bible and all of that.
Whatever. Obviously you need to work at a Church and not a high school, 'cause I'm sure a whole lot more people than myself are going to offend you."

25th-Dec-2009 08:18 am (UTC)
I could talk all day about this subject. God did say people of the same sex shouldn't lay down together that's true. He also said a lot of other things though. Like to not steal which we all know. What about how we shouldn't eat meat on the sabbath? why don't christians follow those rules?I don't understand. Really they just pick what they want to follow out of the bible. Some christians didn't like some of the things that were in there so they spit up. What i dont understand is how they could let atheist who believe in nothing get married in their church when its blaspheme , but a gay christian never could. I don't get it. He never said you would go to hell for being gay he also said not to do a bunch of other things that everyone does everyday. I think it takes a greater person to stand up and listen to a different point of view and show god's point of view with love and compassion instead of being quick to anger. God is really all about love if they were to read the book they would know this... That's not a way in which a christian person or any person should act. It's sad that a lot of them act that way. Even worse there completely missing the whole point.
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